PROVIDING psychotherapy & Assessment services

TO the greater des moines area


We are a collaboration of independent clinicians who have come together because of our shared values, our strong desire to engage in ongoing learning as professionals, and our hope to bring our diverse areas of expertise to the greater Des Moines community.

We are dedicated to the quality of the relationships we build with our clients, and the unique intersecting identities (e.g, race, gender, sexual orientation, social class) of each individual that enters our office.

We look forward to meeting you!



individual therapy

Starting therapy is an expression of your courage to address a particular issue, pattern, or system that is impacting your life.

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Psychological Assessment

At the WDMCP, we offer psychological evaluations for a variety of purposes and for individuals of all ages.

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To see information about upcoming workshops and trainings, please visit each individual psychologist’s page. Links are available on their profile.

OUR THERAPISTS are invested in
accompanying you as you
build resilience, develop insight,
& find a path forward.