training & WORKSHOPS

We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year that are typically topic specific. Please click on the link below for each offering to complete your registration and pay to reserve your spot.

Individual Therapy


The psychologists at West Des Moines Center for Psychotherapy hold regular trainings for clinicians, trainers, and other professionals in the mental health field. These are valuable opportunities to share with each other techniques, experiences, and resources. We strongly believe that learning keeps clinicians connected and involved in the community.


We hold regular workshops that are open to the general public. These typically are content-specific and appropriate for various groups in our community. One of our ongoing goals in the practice is to offer our clients and other community members the opportunity to discover new techniques to improve their daily lives and relationships.

Our psychologists do, on request, provide consultations to other clinicians and health professionals who need support with a difficult case or evaluation.


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