Individual-ImageTherapy involves talking about very private, personal, and sensitive topics. Thus, your decision to start therapy is an expression of your courage to address a particular issue in your life. It also speaks of your desire to grow, to know yourself in a deeper way, and to make improvements. You should know that effective treatment requires your active participation and planning. To some extent, your therapist’s ability to help you depends on how open you can be about yourself and your ideas, feelings, and actions.

At some basic level, we ask that you come on time to each appointment, come prepared to use your session according to your needs, share openly, and take risks.

Psychotherapy has many benefits, but it is not without its own set of challenges. Since it involves a personal exploration of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors while addressing difficulties in your life, you may experience some discomfort. However, the relationship that you establish with your therapist is likely to alleviate much of your uneasiness and help you overcome most of the difficulties you may encounter.

Therapy is a personalized, experiential, and collaborative endeavor with constructive possibilities that help people grow and mature in unique ways. As psychologists, we are thoughtful and committed to work with you in this process.