Individual therapy


Above all else an honest and secure relationship that will give you the unique corrective emotional experiences necessary to better your relationships outside of the therapy office. It is an opportunity to become better acquainted with yourself in a way that improves your outlook, choices, feelings, and relationships.

Our therapists are committed to providing an unbiased space to explore the patterns in your life that have become unhealthy. We will help you identify ways to restructure or rebalance those patterns to be aligned with the values that matter most to you. We believe that all behaviors or thought patterns were at one point adaptive and meaningful for your survival, but may have become less healthy or necessary in certain contexts of your life. We will work together to identify those distinctions.

Therapy will also serve to evaluate other areas of your life that may require holistic attention, such as sleep, appetite, exercise, and overall health. Collaborating with other important providers in your life will give you the best wrap around care.

Individual therapy helps ADDRESS
many concerns including THE FOLLOWING:

Depression, Anxiety, & Mood Disorders
Grief and Loss
Identity (e.g., race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.)
Sexuality & Sexual Dysfunction
Disordered Eating & Body Image

Relationship Concerns
Women’s Issues
Life Transitions
Adjustment & Stress-Related Concerns