Couples-ImageTherapy for couples is a specialized form of psychotherapy. According to the most recognized theory of love, couples form a very important connection with each other and depend on this bond to face the many challenges of life. However, sometimes dynamics outside or within the relationship threaten this vital connection, which in turn create a sense of insecurity, anxiety, distress, conflict, aloneness, and distrust. Partners often times focus on the content of their arguments rather than the underlying reasons and emotional undercurrents for their disconnection, reactivity, and behavior.
Our work is specifically oriented towards building trust, interdependence, responsiveness, safety, and love in romantic relationships. By expanding on and reorganizing key emotional moments in the interactions between partners, we hope to change repetitive negative cycles of interaction into positive ones. When partners begin to share deeply with each other, they foster the creation of a new bond–a secure connection to face whichever life-challenge together.