Cora Schuhmacher, Psy.D.

In my years as a Clinical Psychologist, I have come to learn that healthy relationships are the key to a healthy, satisfied individual. My clinical work centers on working with people to help build healthy, supportive relationships in their lives. I have a practical approach to therapy and want what my clients learn in therapy to be useful in their daily lives. I have experience working with adults, older teens, couples, and families. I have interests in the areas of chronic pain and disease management, working with cancer survivors and caregivers, divorce, anxiety, relaxation training and mindfulness, career development, communication, depression, interpersonal conflict, life transitions, stress, postpartum depression, trauma recovery, and many other psychological and emotional issues. A unique area of my clinical practice involves sexual issues. I see a variety of individuals and couples struggling with sexual dysfunction, addictions, challenges and barriers. I work with many women experiencing pelvic pain, and I also am passionate about sexual enrichment and education.

Professional Bio

I believe that the mind-body-spirit connection is a strong one, and psychotherapy must be sensitive to each of these areas to facilitate healing. I’ve had specialized training in the integration of psychology and spirituality. I received my Masters in Christian Leadership from Fuller Seminary and believe that spiritual health and psychological health are intimately related. I also believe in the importance of healthy and safe communities, and I’m passionate about offering services to help develop our community. I am pleased to provide consultative services and offer several workshops for churches, businesses, schools and other various community organizations. Workshops that I offer center on topics of marital enrichment, stress management, finding meaning and purpose in life, sexuality education/enrichment, self-care, and parenting skills.

I am originally from Eastern Iowa and a Simpson College alumna. I love living and working back in Des Moines after several years in Pasadena, CA for graduate school. I enjoy providing counseling and consultative services to individuals, families and organizations in the Des Moines area. If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with me and see if I am a good fit for your needs, please contact my office at (515)777-3388. I look forward to meeting you.