Mental Health Therapist-Cora

Cora Schuhmacher, Psy.D

Licensed Psychologist

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology (2008)
Fuller Theological Seminary—Pasadena, CA

M.A. in Christian Leadership (2007)
Fuller Theological Seminary—Pasadena, CA

M.A. in Clinical Psychology (2006)
Fuller Theological Seminary—Pasadena, CA

B.A. in Psychology (2003)
Simpson College—Indianola, IA

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

- David Augsburger –


A particular area of passion for my clinical work involves treating people with a variety of sexual issues, dysfunctions, challenges and barriers. I also offer education regarding sexual health, enrichment and wellness, as well as guidance for educating your children about sexuality throughout the lifespan. I thoroughly enjoy also offering community education.

Pelvic Floor and Pain Issues

One in five women experience pelvic pain and dysfunction. Many spend years dealing with pain prior to getting appropriate treatment. I work with clients to identify how their pelvic pain is impacting their mental, physical and sexual health, and address relationship issues that may result. This is often done in conjunction with a women’s health physical therapist and an OBGYN.

Women’s Issues

I enjoy working with women in various stages of life- from transitions into the work force, transitioning into (and out of) committed relationships, the journey into motherhood, and beyond. I work with postpartum women, women going through menopausal changes, and women in the retirement phase of life. I am passionate about helping my female patients find empowerment and enrichment in their daily lives, as well as a sense of balance and peace.

Integration of Faith Issues

I have received specialized training in the integration of psychology and spirituality, particularly in the Christian tradition. As such, I enjoy working with people who have existential questions about life, are facing questions about their belief structure, and looking for healing after hurt. Additionally, I am able to provide sexual education from a Christian framework when that is desired.

Additional Areas of Specialization Include:

Trauma Recovery
Cancer Survivor and Caregiver Support
Postpartum Depression/Anxiety