Mental Health Therapist-Catalina
Catalina D. Ressler, Ph.D.

Certified Dare to Lead ™ Facilitator
Certified Daring Way ™ Facilitator


Adult Attachment &Relational Issues

The same underlying motivations that maintain the close emotional bond between parents and their children are responsible for the emotionally intimate bonds that form between adults. Therefore, an individual’s attachment to other adults is partially a result of how they related (or not) to their caregivers. A main goals of therapy is to help individuals move their relationships towards greater security and deepen their emotional bonds.

Leadership Development& consultation

Having specialized in vocational psychology during my graduate training and spending almost four years working in a corporate setting as a senior executive, I developed a strong interest in leadership and organizational development as well as change management. Individual therapy with C-Level executives has been a highlight and joy of my practice. I am a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator and in that capacity offer keynotes and workshops to help your organization train courageous leaders.

Psychological Assessment

A quarter of my practice is dedicated to assessments for a variety of purposes. For legal purposes, I mainly  conduct independent mental health evaluations for workman’s compensation or immigration proceedings. For medical purposes, I conduct pre-surgical evaluations for bariatric procedures as well as the implantation of medical devices. Finally, I use assessment to determine or clarify diagnoses such as learning disorders, ADHD, mood or characterological difficulties.

Shock & Relational Trauma

Trauma is more than being the victim or witness of a crime or accident. There are everyday traumas that can also be relational in nature such as a significant personal loss; being the victim of bullying or discrimination; or, having someone who you care about deeply take advantage of you or create an unsafe environment. All of these are events that need to be processed and integrated, so the individual can live a healthy life. I have invested much of my ongoing learning and resources in developing a deep understanding on the treatment of trauma and have found ways to help individuals develop the skills and courage to heal from these injuries.

Daring Way Workshops

One of my passions is grounded in the work of Dr. Brené Brown. I am a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, and, in this context, I deliver workshops to help women explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, self-compassion, and worthiness. Workshops are designed to help individuals examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hold them back in cultivating meaningful connections.

Additional Areas of Specialization Include:

  • Grief
  • Death and Dying & Other Existential Concerns
  • Identity Issues
  • Mindfulness Meditation

“Choose courage over comfort, choose whole hearts over armor, and choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid, at the exact same time.”- Dr. Brené Brown -