Catalina D. Ressler, Ph.D.

Catalina-PhotoI believe that all of us have the ability to change and are equipped with the inner resources to do so. Most people find times in their life when they experience distress from strained relationships, stressors or losses, experiences of trauma, or other factors and they need support to overcome these difficulties. I value the effort that it takes for someone to ask for such support and believe that the therapy relationship I offer is the container that allows for someone to achieve positive change in their life and find relief from their distress.

I view therapy as a collaborative process. I trust those whom I work with to know their story best, which allows them to become co-facilitators in their treatment. Our job is to work together to create meaning and, at times, better understand your journey in the process of recovery. Part of my job is to help you see your strengths and encourage you to use them to overcome your struggles. During our time together, it might also be necessary for us to examine your history as well as your present patterns in relationships and in your decision-making process. This exploration will ease your ability to manage daily events, life transitions, or interpersonal conflict as you gain insight during the therapy process.

While I am a generalist, I have also sought additional training in a few areas including the treatment of anxiety, trauma, multicultural issues, career development and eating disorders. An additional component of my practice is psychological assessment for a variety of purposes. For instance, I work with attorneys conducting independent mental health evaluations for diverse needs. I also work with physicians to conduct psychological evaluations for bariatric procedures or the implantation of spinal cord stimulators. With individual clients, assessments may be necessary for a clear diagnosis, particularly for learning disorders or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Professional Bio

Dr. D’Achiardi-Ressler is a native of Bogota, Colombia. She attended Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa where she received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. She then went on to pursue a Masters and Doctorate degree in counseling psychology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. It was her doctoral internship which brought her back to Iowa. Dr. D’Achiardi completed this last part of her training at the Student Counseling Service at Iowa State University in Ames. Her first role after receiving her doctoral degree was as a staff psychologist at the same place, where in addition to her counseling duties, she served as coordinator of their career services office as well as their research program. In 2007, Dr. D’Achiardi left ISU to work for a private corporation in Adel, Iowa. In this organization she was responsible for the research and development of all career development products and programs carrying this brand. Early in 2011, Dr. D’Achiardi decided to return to counseling and since that time has been enjoying private practice.

Dr. D’Achiardi-Ressler values her involvement in professional associations and makes an effort to serve those that are local. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the National Latino/a Psychological Association, the American Group Psychotherapy Association, the National Register of Psychology, the Iowa Psychological Association, and the Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa.